Saturday, December 31, 2011

Winter Break

I feel extremely blessed in that I've been on Winter Break from school in the past two weeks.  It has been perfect timing in my pregnancy because I've really needed the opportunity to rest and get ready for the baby to come.  I've done some cleaning, shopped for everything I need for my hospital bag, organized Tyson's room, and most importantly layed on the couch with my feet up.  It's also given me the opportunity to read Baby Wise,  a book that I've really enjoyed.

Outside of baby stuff, I've also been able to spend a lot of time with my two beautiful nieces Kailey and Ava.  We actually celebrated my niece Ava's first birthday on Christmas Eve. She was born last December, 20 minutes before Christmas.  She was a true Christmas blessing.  Kailey is two now (November 17th) and is so much fun to watch and listen to play.  She loves to play kitchen and put on make up (chapstick) and lotion. I love my nieces so much and can't even imagine what the love I will have for Tyson will be like. 

We had a perfect Christmas... it was so much fun watching the girls open their presents.  Tyson even got spoiled and he's not even in this world yet!  Can't wait for him to see his new stuff!

I go back to school on Tuesday which should be interesting.  It's been so nice being able to be on my own schedule, sleep in until I want to get up, and lay down when I feel tired.  My doctor has asked me if I'm ready to be off work yet and I keep replying with "no" because I'm not ready to leave my students yet.  I have the best class and hate that I have to leave them for a short time.   I will update with how it goes...

38 Weeks

I haven't given much of an update about my pregnancy, mostly because it's gone wonderfully and there's not much to blog about : )  Now that I'm at the 38 week/full term pregnancy mark, I'll give a little update of what's going on.  My blood pressure in the past few appointments have been incredible and my weight has stayed stable in the last month.

My doctor believes the baby is about 7 1/2-8 lbs currently and has encouraged me to continue to eat "healthy" so I don't gain much more weight.  She fears I might have a humongous baby.  I was a 9 lb baby and Adam was 8 lbs so big babies run in our little family. 

I didn't think I had a craving until I took a step back and realized I could eat a hundred cuties/satsuma oranges a day.  I literally eat about 6 of them a day and would eat more except they excite Tyson so much that he kicks, punches, and hits his head into my pelvic bone.  It's not the most comfortable feeling when he gets all that sugar so as bad as I want them, I can't eat them when I want.

We haven't had an ultrasound since the day we found out we were having a boy and we won't have one again unless we hit the 40 week mark... we shall see what happens.

Classroom Baby Shower

My students (and their parents) threw me an incredible baby shower on December 1st in our classroom.  The shower was not a surprise but I was very much surprised with everything the parents had planned and the amazing gifts I had recieved.  I really appreciated all the effort my student's parents put into throwing me such an incredible shower.  My students were so excited for the shower and couldn't wait to celebrate.  Many of them hadn't ever been to a shower so it was a special event for them.

One of my favorite things about the shower was that my students got to participate in so many activities.  They all cut a piece of string to guess how big my belly was and they got to guess how many hershey kisses were in a big bottle.  They also all guessed my due date, I'm excited to see who won.  The parents provided prizes for all the winners which was really great for the kids.

I received so many wonderful gifts and got to sit in an adorable white rocking chair as I opened them.  Tyson got some new clothes, a stroller blanket, some beautiful handmade burp rags, toys, blankets, hats, socks, shoes, etc.   The entire class went in on a class gift and got me a Graco Pack and Play and a Graco infant swing.

I was so overwhelmed by the love and generosity my students showed to me and Tyson.  They are so excited to meet Tyson and I am so excited for them to meet him.  I am TRULY going to miss my students when I'm on my maternity leave.