Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mariner's game #2... Happy 30th (early) Marci!

Tyson is a lucky boy! He has already been to two Mariner's game, one game in the Club Level and the second game in a Suite!  I have already blogged about his first game so I'll spare you... and me, and just fill you in on his second game.

Tyson's auntie Marci will be 30 on June 5th.  For her birthday, we rented a suite at the Mariner's game and celebrated a bit early.  It was the BEST way to watch a Mariner's game and very reasonable in price.  I have been lucky enough to be in a Mariner's suite many times in my life but none were as much fun as Marci's birthday party.

We had 21 people in the suite and were stocked on food and beverages.  We had an awesome view from left field and even got Dustin Ackley bobbleheads!  It was my neices', Kailey and Ava's, first game... they had a blast (except when the Moose barged in and made them both cry).

My sister Melanie made a beautiful birthday sign and my parents brought cupcakes.   There was an open suite near ours so the wonderful Mariner staff insisted I use it to nurse and change Tyson.  It was nice to have a baby and not have to worry about the noise.  I had a birthday announcement put on the scoreboard which was a great deal.  It came with a lot of "perks" including a $25 Ivar's gift card, a birthday baseball, a Mariner's hat, and a gift card to the team store.

The Mariner's played a great game but Brandon Leauge, our closer, unfortunately lost the game for us.

Happy 30th Birthday Marci!  We love you!

4 Months... Where has the time gone?!

Tyson had his four month appointment on May 21st.  He is 26 inches and 16 lbs.  He is healthy as can be and got his 4 month shots!  Our Dr. said he was ready for rice cereal so we have started adding a little to his milk during the day.

His hair is still continuing to grow like crazy (we're actually considering giving it a little trim over his ears).  He's smiling, laughing, gaining great strength in his neck, and wearing size 9 and even some size 12 clothes.

We are proud parents of our Tysey!

Play Date #1

I am so blessed to have met 5 wonderful girls who had babies around the same time I did.  I met them at Mommy and Baby group at the hospital and as we slowly all started to go back to work from our maternity leaves, we planned to have a get together so we'd stay in touch.

On April 29th, we had our first play date at Kim's house in Bonney Lake.  It was so great to see the girls again and see how much the babies had already grown.  We talked about what was going on in our babies' lives and snacked on some delicious treats.  The babies were sitting up, doing tummy time, and falling asleep in our arms while we chatted about motherhood.

The babies were all born between October and January, Peyton (Shelly's daughter) is the oldest and Tyson is the baby of the babies!  The other babies are Molly (Kelly's), Isaac (Kim's), Isla (Melinda's), and Ayden (Janelle's).  I am thrilled Tyson has already met such wonderful friends and hope he is friends with them forever.  I am also greatful to have made some new mommy friends and look forward to many playdates in the future (and possibly a mommy's night out).

Our next playdate is June 23rd, I can't wait to see how far our babies have come!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tyson's a Talker

This video was taken over a month ago but I thought I'd share with you our little talker...  you should hear him now! This is nothing! I need a new video.

My Oh My! We took Tyson to his first Mariner's game!

From the moment we found out we were pregnant, one of the many thing we were really excited about was bringing our baby to Mariner's Opening Night.  Adam and I have made going to Opening Night a tradition and have gone every year since we've been together.  This year was especially special for us because we got to bring our 3 month old son.

Adam worked that day and I was on Spring Break from school.  We were both SO excited for the work day to be over so we could get what we had been waiting so long for started.  I bought Tyson a Mariner's hoodie a month before the game and couldn't wait to put him in it.

We weren't really sure how it was going to go with a 3 month old.  It was the furthest we had driven him (from Bonney Lake to Seattle).  He is generally really good in the car but not driving a constant 45 minutes before made us wonder how it was going to go.  The unknown and firsts are always kind of scary and having your first child means there are a lot of unknowns and firsts.  Tyson did great, he slept most of the way there and talked to us for the rest.  He is quite the talker!

Adam packed him into the stadium using our Baby Bjorn for the first time. Adam and Tyson both looked so cute together, there's just something so special about seeing a father and his son at the ball park.   We sat with Staci and her boyfriend Brett.  Staci surprised us with giving Tyson an adorable little Mariner's hat for Tyson's first game.  It's a little big now, but I can't wait until he grows into it.

The game went great.  We sat in the Club Level, hoping it would be a little calmer, but we just so happened to sit next to a couple really loud, young guys.  Every time Tyson fell asleep, they would yell and wake him up.  We had know idea how loud a Mariner's game could get!  We learned our lesson and bough earphones for the next game.

Tyson is going to be one spoiled boy.  He will be going to the Mariner's game to celebrate his Auntie Marci's birthday at the end of the month.  We rented a suite for the night so Tyson's Mariner's game experience will be in Club Level seats and Suite Level seats so far.  We hope Tyson grows up loving the Mariner's as much as we do.