Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2 Month Check Up

It's hard to believe Tyson is already two months (and 1 day old) today.   I know it sounds cliche but where does the time go?  I have enjoyed every second of Tyson and I'm pretty sure Adam would say the same thing.  I am lucky to look at every opportunity spent with my son as a blessing, even when he's crying and not easily falling asleep (which is very rare).

My girlfriend Janelle who has a baby a month older than Tyson invited me to a class held at Good Samaritan Hospital called Mommy and Baby Support Group.  I wasn't sure if it was the right class for me, I really didn't feel like I needed "support" but decided to go anyway. After I attended the first class, I fell in love.  It is a wonderful place for mommys and babies to meet and just talk.  There is a wonderful teacher in there to offer advice, support, or whatever need be.  I go every Tuesday and really look forward to talking with moms and watching our babies grow.  Last week we celebrated with green food for St. Patrick's Day and learned how to give CPR to a baby.

Yesterday when we introduced ourselves, we were encouraged to fill in the blank, "I wish someone would have told me ...."  I struggled with this question because I feel like everybody told me everything.... too much even.  I was saddened to hear many of the "blanks" mothers were filling in.  Many moms talked about their postpartum depression and depression of dealing with having a cesarean section.  I, myself, had a c section and had a pretty difficult recovery physically but no way did I feel depressed by it.  I thank God that I had a healthy recovery and that I am able to enjoy every second with Tyson.

At Tyson's two month appointment, we learned he is:
13 lbs 9 ounces
23 1/2 inches
perfectly healthy
a pretty tough guy when he got his three shots, only crying a little

Here is his 2 month picture: