Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Starting our every 2 week appointments!

Adam and I have hit an exciting time, we are starting our every two week doctor appointments!  On Monday, we had our glucose test appointment. Many people warned me about having to drink the sugary drink but it wasn't really that bad.  I'm a strictly water drinker so it was kind of nice to have something "fruity" to drink 

Adam has been to every doctor's appointment with me, he's the best, so he even stayed with me at this appointment.  I warned him ahead of time that we had to wait an hour after I drank the "stuff" and he had no problem with it.  I feel very blessed to have such a supportive husband.  I couldn't imagine going to our appointments alone. 

I will find out my results in a couple days, I'm crossing my fingers (and praying to God) I don't "flunk" it because I don't want to have to sit in the hospital for four hours and get retested, and even worse, I don't want to have to cut out sugar!

Everything at our appointment was great.  I am gaining good weight, feeling healthy, and the baby's heartbeat is perfect!  Can't wait to meet the little guy that's kicking me like crazy these days!

I've got a bun in the oven!

Last Saturday my sisters, Melanie and Marci threw me the most wonderful baby shower with my mom's help.  The shower was held at my house so that everyone was able to see the nursery as well as our house!  Melanie and Marci did a wonderful job and decorated everything so beautifully.  They got a lot of great decorating ideas through Pinterest, I was quite impressed.

It was at 11:00 so they served a brunch.  We had a delicous egg/hashbrown casserole, greek yogurt, fresh fruits, bagels and cream cheese, and Cinnabons!  The food was so delicous, the decorations were gorgeous, but most of all, the love in my house was incredible.  Tyson was spoiled with clothing, toys, books, blankets, toilletries, etc.  We had a diaper raffle so we got many diapers as well.  It was so nice of everyone to come to the shower.  Tyson is extremely lucky to be surrounded  by such wonderful family and friends.
It was so great to see everyone, I can't wait for them to meet Tyson in January!  Below is a pictures of all the "Haugen girls." Melanie and her daughter Kailey, Marci, me, Nicci and her daughter Nicci, and my mom.

Laundry is so much more fun when everything is so small!

Today I did my first load of Tyson's laundry.  The crib skirt finally arrived so I decided that while the matress was off, I might as well wash the sheets and get the crib put together.  Everything is so tiny, I swear it all shrunk but it's just the size of what baby's are... hard to believe! Washing the first load of laundry got me even more excited, and even a little emotional thinking about being able to dress my precious baby soon.  I can't imagine him being so small, the newborn onesies are tiny!  Adam and I got an update last week saying our baby is the size of an eggplant now, after seeing an eggplant at the grocery store last weekend, I'd say the onesie will definitely fit him - right now.

I also washed a couple pairs of socks, some onesies, the changing pad cover, a few sleepers, and a couple robes.  The load of laundry was so tiny!  I already lost a sock, but found it in a  hood.  I learned my lesson, those socks are so small, I need to buy a lingerie bag to wash them in or Tyson's going to have a lot of mismatched socks!