Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My sweet little lion

This picture makes me smile and I hope one day it will make all these adorable babies smile too! I have met the most wonderful mom's of babies that range from being born in October-January. Tyson is the baby, baby of the group.  This is our fourth play date... can't wait for the next one!
My baby boy

My two men

Ava, Tyson, and Kailey

One of Tyson's signature moves... "The straight armed push"

Tyson is already 9 months... and I haven't been Blogging!

You know when you stop working out for a long time and you want to start again, but you just keep putting it off because you really don't know where to start?  That's how I feel about this blog!  So much time has gone by, and Tyson has done so much, I really don't know where to begin... but I'll do my best for the sake of the one person that reads my blog (Aunt Marilyn - thank you) and Tyson, because hopefully he'll want to read about his life one day!

Tyson is 9 1/2 months now.  At his 9 month appointment he measured in the 95th percentile for height and 75th percentile for weight.  He is perfect in every way!  I hope he continues to grow tall, we need some height in the Haugen family! 

He has been saying "dadda" for a couple months now, and "momma" for the last month.  He "hoos" like an owl non stop and does this really cute grunt while pushing his arms out in front of him like he's pushing down on the air (I really don't know how to explain it but I love it). 

He started moving around the house around 8 months, but didn't start actually crawling until October 30th.  He is ALL over the place, and wis in the kitchen when we're cooking.  We have learned to block him in to the family room with our ottoman, which has also given him a ton more room to play with it out of the way.

Our typical evening consists of Adam and I playing with Tyson on the floor.  Tyse loves peak a boo and when we crawl around with him.  He also enjoys all the toys we have out for him, especially a new walking toy we just got him... although Adam is not eager for him to walk anytime soon.  He read somewhere that the longer they crawl, the more developed in their coordination they will become... I think you know where that's going.

We eat dinner as a family at the table, then give Tyse a bath, followed by feeding him a bottle.  Then Adam gives him a kiss, tells him he loves him, and I take him upstairs.  I brush his teeth, give him his flouride, and read him 2, 3, or 4 books... depending on how long they are :)  I've gotten really good at memorizing Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Goodnight Moon.  Then it's lights out for Tysey Boy! 

Tyson has always slept well.  He goes down at 7:00pm and wakes up at 7:00am.  We are not the parents that have to complain about no sleep with our baby and we feel so blessed about that!  When I wasn't working, Tyson would wake up at about 7:00 and I would nurse him in bed and he would fall back asleep with me in bed.  I miss that.

Which brings me to nursing... way to go all those moms out there that were able to nurse for 12 months.  I had hoped to do that, but when I went back to school, I was only able to pump one time a day  (during my 15 minute recess, which really ended up being 10 minutes with kids constantly trying to get into my locked door)!  Obviously pumping is not as good as actually nursing.  I thought that once the school year ended, I would be golden but I eventually lost my supply in July.  I do feel really proud that I was able to go 6 months, but sad I couldn't go longer. 

Tyson is currently eating everything we eat. Tonight he ate Adam's famous spaghettii and meatballs and LOVED them!  He really likes fruit, especially satsuma oranges (probably because I couldn't get enough of them when I was pregnant), pizza, and mashed potatoes.  He likes anything he knows we're eating.  I eat a banana every day, so of course that has become one of Tyson's staples as well.

Other things worth mentioning:
Auntie Marci watched him at night for the first time last Saturday.  He fell asleep in her arms while watching the Husky game :)

Aunie Melanie and cousin Kailey watched him for a couple hours while I went to get a massage and Adam went out for a friend's birthday.

Tyson was a lion for Halloween and wore his costume four times! Once for pictures with the cousins, once for a Baby Halloween Party, he came to my class party, and lastly for Halloween.

Tyson LOVES when I blow bobbles at him while he's in the bath tub.

He LOVES when we make funny noises and funny faces.

He LOVES both sets of grandparents

My parents watch him Monday-Thursday, and Adam's parents watch him on Friday.

Grandpa and Grandma Barker watch him with Auntie Keri while we are at home Seahawks games.

We had to put his matress all the way down because he pulls himself up.

He has two teeth, bottom front and top front.

He has had 3 haircuts.

.... and I can't think of anything else right now so stay tuned for updates hopefully in the NEAR future!

Thanks again Aunt Marilyn for encouraging me to get on here!