Monday, January 30, 2012

Too Funny Not to Share

Last night I woke up to feed Tyson at around 2ish am like usual.  In the middle of the night, when it's time to feed, Adam gets Tyson out of his basinette and brings him to me.  That way I can stay in bed and just feed Tyse comfortably :) I love breastfeeding and have found it to be a wonderful bonding experience between my son and I.  The first few seconds of pain are totally worth knowing Tyson's receiving healthy nutrients.  About halfway into his eating, I started to feel a really warm sensation.  I looked down, and realized he was peeing and it was running completely out of his diaper, through his onesie, sleeper, and onto me! 

I was in shock and couldn't help but laugh about the situation.  I was soaked!  We changed Tyse real fast in order to let him continue to eat.  I decided to take off my saturated tank and just sleep topless for the rest of the night.  Once Tyson latched on again, I looked down only to realize my other breast was leaking milk! 

My sheets were wet, my duvet cover was wet, Tyson was wet, I was wet... it was quite a night and I'm sure the first of many. 

Sorry if this was too much information to share, I just didn't want to forget the experience.

On another note, Staci visited all day today and we made a delicious dinner prepared by Ashley Van Dam which was very much appreciated.  We have felt so much love and support in Tyson's first ten days of life :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Adam - Amazing Husband and Daddy

The boys taking a little nap during before bedtime
I wanted to take the time to "brag" about my husband, Adam.  He has been an incredible friend, husband, and now daddy.

From the moment we found out we were pregnant, Adam went to EVERY single doctor's appointment with me.  The only one he missed was when I shocked myself in the electrical socket and he was at work.  :(  I feel so blessed that Adam went to every appointment.

As a father, Adam has been even more amazing.  He gets up every night with Tyson and I when it's time to feed.  We have a pretty awesome routine down, actually.  After 3-4 hours of sleeping, we wake Tyson up, Adam gets Tyson out of his basinette and brings him to me in bed to feed.  Then, Adam helps me change Tyson's diaper and puts him back in his basinette. I love watching him give Tyson a kiss and telling him he loves him.

Adam is extremely hands on.  He changes diapers and gets him dressed, almost more than I do.  He loves to spend every second with Tyson.  I don't know what I'll done when Adam has to go back to work :(

There is nothing more precious then seeing your husband hold your baby.  I love them both so much.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hopsital Visitors

We had so many friends and family that were so excited to see Tyson and came to the hospital to visit.  We were thrilled to have everybody see our new baby.  We feel extremely blessed to be surrounded by such love.

Visitors included: Grandpa and Grandma Haugen (Burt and Carolyn), Grandpa and Grandma Barker (Mike and Sandy), Marci, Melanie, BJ, Nicci, Brian, Garrett, Kailey, Ava, Uncle Gene and Aunt Sue, Staci Parlari and Brett, Brian and Nicole Levenhagen, Mike, Chris, and Kylynn Cheney, Tim and Trisha Gray, Gelinda Williams, Adria and Ariel Esterbrook, and Keri.

We had many others that will be visiting throughout the week! I'm so excited for everyone to meet him!

Once I get more pictures of people with Tyson, I will post them... this is all I had on our camera
Nicole and Brian Levenhagen

Tyson Henry Barker

After 41 weeks of waiting.. Tyson Henry Barker has entered the world and Adam and I couldn't be happier.

Tyson was due on Friday, January 13th and made his appearance on Friday, January 20th - my half birthday!  On Wednesday, the 17th, we had a routine doctor appointment and at the appointment, our doctor made a phone call to the hopsital to schedule an induction for that Sunday, January 22nd with a Monday, January 23rd expected due date (Adam and my half anniversary).  We were excited about having a date set knowing we would be holding our precious baby in no time. 

The next day (Thursday, the 19th), I woke up having contractions.  This was right in the middle of "Snowmaggedon" which just so happened to be the worst snow storm we've had in twenty years.  I laid on the couch, looking at the snow on the ground and freezing rain come down while counting contractions and breathing to control them.  The night before, I started to have some excessive bleeding when I urinated which scared me so I also had that to think about.  Finally, I called my doctor to make an appointment to come in and have her give me some positive piece of mind and tell me the blood was nothing to worry about.  Because of "snowmaggedon," my clinic was closed and my doctor wasn't returning my messages.

Finally, I decied to call the hospital and ask a nurse about it.  The nurse sounded concerned and asked me to come in to get checked out.  Adam and I decided a little piece of mind wouldn't be such a bad idea - especially with the weather being as bad as it was - icy roads, power out, ice falling from the sky, trees all over the roads, etc.  We packed up the car with almost everything, knowing we would probably be returning home.... we were wrong!

On our way to the hospital, I had only 2 contractions.  A couple hours later, I was having contractions a couple minutes apart for a minute - at that point, they decided to admit me - we were there to stay and coming home with a baby!  We were both excited.... and felt like Tyson was looking after us and wanting us to be at the hospital with power :)  We got to the hopsital at around 2:30 and were hoping to go home in a couple days... that didn't happen.

Unfortunately, once I hit being dilated at a 7, I didn't move much. Because of how closes my contractions were, the fact that Tyson had turned face up, and he was measuring over 9 pounds, the helped me make the choice to have a C-section.  I was really upset about having to do this as I I really wanted to have him vaginally but by this point, I just wanted to meet my little boy and wanted what was best for the both of us.

Tyson was born at 12:48 and weighed 9 pounds 8 ounces.  He was 21 1/4 inches tall and his head was covered in dark brown hair.  He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and by far my best accomplishment.  I have a little soreness but Tyson is completely worth it.

On a side note... Adam was sitting next to me during my surgery comforting me by talking to me.  He had mentioned that he couldn't wait to go golfing with Tyson in a couple years.  That's when my conversation with Adam went from being with me to being with the surgeon!  Immediately after Adam mentioned golfing with Tyse, the surgeon and him had a full on conversation about golfing at a young age and how cute the new golf clubs are (she was clearly an avid golfer).  Even after Tyson was born and Adam had taken him away, I could still hear the conversation was about golf... I guess we picked the right surgeon to do our surgery :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

In Memory of Goldie Ethel Hahto

Sadly, I lost my other grandma during my pregnancy.  It makes me really sad to know Tyson will never get to meet my grandmothers.  I do feel good in knowing, however, that I was able to tell my Grandma Haugen that I was pregnant and my Grandma Hahto was able to come to my baby shower.  She even made me a beautiful quilt for Tyson which will be even more special now.

I was able to visit my grandma twice last weekend and told her goodbye and I love her.  I find comfort in knowing she did not suffer for a long time because they gave her 3 days to 3 weeks and she passed within the first week.  She was comfortable and the last time I saw her, she was smiling and in good spirits.

I will miss Grandma Hahto very much, I hope she's enjoying being with Grandpa and Grandma Haugen again.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Week 40 Dr. Appointment

Last night Adam and I had our Week 40 Dr. Appointment.  As of today, we are 1 day away from our due date!  I was anxious to see what the doctor had to say and here is what she said... nothing!  I am not dialated at all!

My weight has stayed consistent, but my tummy grew 4 cm!  My blood pressure looks great as does everything else.

She ordered an ultra sound for next Tuesday to check the weight of the baby and make sure he has enough fluid around him.  This appointment will help her decide on whether or not she wants to induce.  Otherwise, it's just a waiting game.... I'm still shooting for January 20th... my half birthday!

My doctor told me Friday was my last day of work, which is tomorrow.  I am so sad to leave my students but am defnitely getting worn out at work.  I will miss all my friends at work but hope to see them a lot during my maternity leave.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pregnancy Doesn't Suck

For me pregnancy, in general, doesn't suck... but there are some things I am really looking forward to once our bundle of joy enters this world!

  • Being able to shave my legs without feeling a pinch - I have been lucky enough to be able to shave my legs every day though so it hasn't been too terrible.
  • Being able to put on my shoes in the morning without it pinching
  • Being able to take my shoes off at the end of the day when my feet and ankles have swollen - Adam has had to take them off many times
  • Not having to use the restroom 4-5 times a night to pee
  • Not hitting my student in the head when I walk by him thinking I had plenty of room between us
  • Being able to wear normal jeans again... thank God leggings are in style though!
  • Not feeling totally exhausted when I get home from school
  • Having more energy to teach in the classroom
  • Painting my toe nails
  • Not having heartburn... it's the WORST!
  • Being able to wear ALL my shoes and not just certain pairs
God has blessed me with a pretty good pregnancy and I am so thankful for though.  Other than the 1st trimester vomiting, I am extremely lucky to be 2 days away from my due date and still feeling good enough to work!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Stretch Mark Free Cocktail

As I was in the shower this morning, lubing my body up, I thought about the fact that I am so far stretch mark free despite the fact that my belly is huge.  I know everybody's bodies and skin types are different but I thought I'd share my Stretch Mark Free Cocktail... hopefully it doesnt jinx me.

When I'm done doing everything else in the shower (washing hair, exfoliating, shaving, etc.), I mix almond oil and vitamin e together and slather it all over anything that is growing (belly, thighs, breasts, hips, etc.)  I do it at the end because I don't want to get the oils in my hair... it can be quite slippery.

Once I'm out of the shower, I apply a very liberal amount of Coconut Body Butter from the Body Shop, again, over anything that's getting bigger.  I usually apply so much that my skin is still white from the lotion.

I will post a picture of the products soon.  I hope it works for you like it has for me!

Monday, January 2, 2012

We made it to January! When will we meet our little guy?

Our due date is January 13th so it's about that time to start wondering when Tyson will arrive.  For one of my showers, my sister Marci made an adorable calendar for my friends to guess Tyson's due date.  Now that it's January, Adam and I decided to take the calendar out for fun to track the daily guesses.  We have it on our kitchen counter, my mom guessed today (because it's her birthday).  As much as I want to meet Tyson, I hope it's not today because my mom and sister Melanie are sick. 

My prediction: January 10th
Adam's prediction: January 9th

Here is the calendar.... who will the winner be?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Today is the first day of the year 2012!  Since Adam and I have been together, we've only made it to midnight once in the past 5 years!  Not by acccident, by choice!  We both feel New Years is overrated and in our old ages, we find it difficult to stay up past midnight!  I was extremely content in having watched New Years in New York on tv.

Last night, we went up to bed at 11:17pm but with all the fireworks going off (in the sky), we actually were awake past midnight.  I only know this because I heard some idiot yell Happy New Year in our neighborhood, followed by 20 minutes of loud fireworks.

I woke up this morning to find out one of my good friends, Michele became engaged!  I am so thrilled for her and can't wait to celebrate.  It's good motivation to get my body back in shape after the baby so I can wear a bathing suit at her bachelorette party :)  Congrats Michele, you will be a beautiful bride!

I'm not a big fan of New Years resolutions but I have a couple this year:
1. Deliver a healthy baby
2. Enjoy every moment of my baby's first year of life.  I have two nieces and know how fast kids grow up.  I don't want to miss anything!

Enjoy 2012!  I just know it will be an incredible one for Adam and I!