Thursday, February 20, 2014

Brooklyn Kelci Barker

Poor Brooklyn, she is a little over 5 months now, and tonight is her first time she's been on the blog.  I guess it really is true that the second child 's "virtual" scrapbook is smaller.  I hope that once I get caught up, I'll do a better job of updating my growing babies.

Let's start at the beginning... Brooklyn's Birth Story.
Because Brooklyn's older brother Tyson was born C-section, I had scheduled Brooklyn to be born c-section too.  Adam and I had a difficult time "choosing" the date.  I swear it's easier to let the baby decide when they want to join the world, rather than choosing the date for them!  Brooklyn's official due date was September 18th.  The doctor wanted to schedule the delivery at least a week early because Tyson was such a big baby.  Adam's birthday is the 9th, his dad's is the 10th, my sister's is the 15th, and we really didn't want a Friday the 13th baby. 

In the end, we decided on the 12th. Adam never said anything, but with the Seahawks vs. San Fransisco home football game on the 15th, he was worried about having to leave me at the hospital to go to the game!  We stayed for four nights with Tyson, so his worry was legit, even though I would have made him go to the game regardless.

Brooklyn must have been worried for her daddy too, because she made sure there was no way Adam would miss the game!  On September 10th, I had to run to school to fill out some paperwork.  I was in the staff room catching up with my friends because my last day of work was September 5th and I hadn't seen them in awhile. We were joking about my water breaking at school and how embarrassing it would be, etc.  I went back to my parents and picked up Tyson and headed for home because Adam was going to be home from work.

When Adam got home, we all went outside and were making sandcastles.  I started to not feel that great, so I went in and laid down on the couch to relax.  Tyson and Adam eventually came in too.  They were playing with a light up pumpkin in the bathroom because it was dark in there.  Suddenly I started to feel "wet" and couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, my water had broke and once I finally figured out what had  happened, I jumped off the couch and got and the ground. I yelled to Adam that my water broke - pretty calmly I might add, and started putting things in motion.

I changed my dress, finished packing for the hospital (Adam started packing), called my  mom to come get Tyson, and started to head to the hospital.  Tyson ended up riding with us to the hospital, little did he know his life was about to TOTALLY change! The valet boys had no idea what to do with me, so I asked them for a wheelchair.  Adam was carrying Tyson, wheeling our luggage, and trying to push me in a wheelchair all at the same time - finally one of them offered to help!

We were admitted, and were told we were going to have the baby at around 6:00pm.  My water broke at around 4.  We were going  through all the paperwork and they asked me when the last time I ate was, and what it was that I ate.  I told them around 1 (they were thrilled with that because they couldn't do surgery until 2 hours after I had eaten - and then I told them I ate enchiladas which they were less thrilled with! Because I had enchiladas, I had to wait 8 hours before they would do my c-section!!! Apparently because it was such a harsh food, they were worried I would get sick on the surgery table and throw up :( stupid enchiladas.

So the waiting game began.  Family and friends were called and we waited... and waited... and waited.  Tyson was apparently in heaven in the waiting room playing with both grandpas!

Finally, at around 9, they started to do the C-section prep.  I was so excited to finally be going in, I was starting to get contractions and was tired and hungry. Just as I was about to go in I got bumped - twice- for emergency c -sections!  Finally at around 11:45 I went in.  Brooklyn Kelci Barker was born at 12:01am on September 11 and weighed 9 lbs 11 oz.  I love that she was 9'11 on 9-11.

She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and looked just like her brother, Tyson.  I couldn't wait to hold her, and for her brother to meet her.  It was the happiest day of my life knowing I was the mother of two healthy and beautiful children.

Brooklyn is not a family name (although my middle name is Lynn).  Kelci is a compilation of Brooklyn's aunts by blood.  K is for Keri, el is for Melanie, and ci is for Marci.  I love that her middle name so meaningful.

My mom, my sister Marci, and Staci were there to meet Brooklyn and see me right away when I got to my room.  It really meant a lot that they were there for me.  I remember Staci saying it looked like I had lip injections!

Grandma and Grandpa Barker, Aunt Keri, and Tyson came the next day.  I was so excited to see Tyson's reaction to everything. Sadly, he didn't want to have anything to do with me.

Aunt Melanie, Uncle Brian, Kailey, Uncle BJ, Aunt Nicci, Ava, Papa Haugen, Trisha Gray, Gelinda Williams, Meagan Pries, and Adria Esterbrook.

My recovery was night and day compared to when Tyson was born.  I was able to move around right away and got "released" after staying only three nights.

Brooklyn latched on right away and slept pretty well in the hospital. We were so excited to get home and start our family of four.

Tyson has been the BEST brother to Brooklyn and we as a family are so blessed to have each other!

**I can't get pictures to download :( I will try again next time I blog :) I have 5 more months to catch up on!

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